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Who or What is ICA?

ICA Rules of Association
Click here for ICA's Rules of Association (ICA members only).

ICA Information Brochure
Click here for the 2014 ICA brochure which explains membership.

Contractor Rights Manifesto
Click here for ICA's Declaration of Contractor Rights [PDF].

Independent Contractors of Australia (ICA) is a not for profit association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) of Victoria. ICA is governed by a committee under the rules established by the Articles of Association adopted as recommended under the Victorian Act and as amended.

Membership. Membership is open to all independent contractors or those who are interested in being independent contractors. Membership is also available to companies who use independent contractors and industry groups whose members use independent contractors. Click here for the 2014 ICA brochure which explains membership.

Objectives. ICA has been formed to protect the rights of independent contractors to be treated fairly, justly and equitably in Australia and to be allowed to work free from intimidation or harassment from bureaucrats, the Australian Taxation Office, political parties, unions and others.

Achieving Objectives
ICA seeks to achieve independent contractors rights by:
  • Education. Assisting all independent contractors to understand their status and their rights under law. This is a primary task of the web site.
  • Networking. To assist independent contractors across all industry sectors to network on issues of common interest. Attacks against independent contractors in one sector must be seen and defended as attacks all independent contractors.
  • Lobbying. To undertake public and private lobbying to ensure that legislation and regulation treats independent contractors with justice and equity. The chief lobbying power comes from the ability of ICA to network as proven in the 2001 effort in relation to the Personal Services Income (Tax) legislation.
Management of ICA
ICA has established a broad and wide membership and is committed to keeping operational costs and membership fees low. For this reason the administration of ICA including membership contact is handled predominantly through this web site. Where issues relate to a specific industry ICA will assist members to find resolution through a relevant industry association.

ICA Articles of Association state:
The objectives for which the association is established are
  1. To uphold and defend the right of all Australians to engage in the labour market as free and independent contractors, and to be fully and unambiguously recognised by governments, tax officials and regulators as independent contactors.
  2. To engage in lobbying and public debate to ensure that the Australian community is constantly reminded that freedom is indivisible, and that if Australians' rights to engage freely in the labour market are impaired or denied, then the rights of all Australians to live in freedom will be at risk.
  3. To take advantage of opportunities to entrench within the common law the distinctions which the courts, over many years, have made between employment and contract in labour market relationships.
  4. To do all such other things as the association or the committee shall think incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
  • Australian Business Number: 54 403 453 626
  • Incorporation Number (Victoria): [A0050004U]
  • Independent Contractors of Australia Trademark Registration Number: 1173433
  • "independentcontractors.net.au" is the registered domain name of ICA.