“Be proud of Yourself”

Season's Greetings from ICA

The Board and Committee of ICA wish all our members and visitors a Happy Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.

Let the Unfair Contracts Debate Begin!

Unfair contract protections for small business people are a step closer with the release of the Government's Consultation Paper. Bring it on!

ICA Submission: ‘ATO Plagued by Systemic Inefficiency…’

Largely based on your stories, ICA has made a submission to the Board of Taxation's review of the tax system. Some of the stories are amazing.

New Entrepreneurial Index launched!

New Index measures the impact of laws and regulations on the ability of individuals to be self-employed. How does your jurisdiction rank?

Union-Bosses Collusion

There is growing evidence of collusion between big unions and big businesses to suppress and restrict competition. Click image for more

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